Please note:
  • The radial chart on the left visualizes the 4 clusters which were obtained from x-means clustering on pre-treatment questionnaire data for 1,228 tinnitus patients.
  • The radial chart depicts cluster averages for each feature. Since each feature was scaled (z-score normalized) before clustering, it is thus possible to show features with originally different scales in a combined visualization. Values are in terms of standard deviations from the mean. For example, if the bar or point of a feature is +1.0, it means that the average feature value is one standard deviation above the feature average of all patients.
  • Using the radio buttons, you can select either "All" to juxtapose all clusters within one chart, or you can select a specific cluster to inspect cluster averages as colored bars and standard errors (grey lines).
  • While the radial chart provides a compact summary of one or all clusters, we often want to compare the clusters in more detail. Hence, to display the original (unnormalized) distribution of a feature you can either click on the feature's name in the radial chart or select the feature from the dropdown list. Population averages are displayed as black solid lines.
  • If a particular cluster is selected, you have the option to show also the post-treatment values. Pre- and post-treatment values are shown as bar right next to each other. The color of the arrows and feature labels illustrates the treatment effect.